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The Build Blog

Building Work Has Begun

If you have been follow our updates, you may have heard that we had been granted planning permission to build a brand new HQ incorporating our offices and warehouse space. We are happy to announce that building work has finally begun!

You can find out more about our new building below and follow the latest updates to watch and keep up to date with the construction progress.

Valves Online to Build New HQ

The new 'innovation centre' has been in the planning stages for over two years. The new 8000 ft2 building will feature larger, modern office and warehouse space. Our new HQ will enable us to supply a greater range of products, leading to faster deliveries, a click and collect service for local customers as well as providing new employment opportunities.

The Latest Updates

October 23rd - We are in!

new build

October 16th - The final touches have begun.


October 9th - The countdown begins. Electrics and lights are done and decorating has started

concreat inside
warhouse lights inside office

September 23rd - Valves Online signage is up:


September 17th - Outside is completed and just the Valves Online sign to go up on Friday. Last push now to get the inside finished:

outside 1

outside 2

August 23rd - Windows have now gone in and the cladding has started to go up:

Windows in

August 8th - Most of the inner brickwork is almost finished:



July 30th - Inside brickwork is going up:

inside brickwork

inside brickwork

July 24th - The flooring has just gone in, not long to go now!:

finished flooring

finished flooring

finished flooring

July 18th - brickwork has almost finished, next the floor:

finished brickwork

finished brickwork

July 3rd - Update on the brickwork:

Inside wall

Inside wall

June 19th - Update on the brickwork:




June 6th - Pipes and cable going in:


May 30th - Brickwork has started:




May 15th - Cladding going up:



May 13th - aerial shots:

aerial shots

aerial shots

aerial shots

May 7th:

Roofing is on

May 1st - Roof is on:

Roofing is on

Roofing is on 2

April 17th - Steel frame is up:

steel frame construction 3

April 16th:

steel frame construction 2

April 15th - Our Steel frame is going up:

steel frame construction

April 9th - Concreting steel frame bases:


April 8th - Foundation preparation:

foundation preparation

March 29th - Groundwork underway:


March 28th - Aerial Views:

Drone Shot 2

Drone Shot 1

March 26th - Building groundwork has begun:

Building Groundwork begun

March 25th - Road completed:

Road complete

March 22nd - Laying the tarmac:

Tarmacing the road

Tarmac 2

March 14th:

Road Prep

March 7th - Road preparations continue:

Road preparations

February 26th - Groundwork - getting the road ready on a rather sunny February day:

Ground Work Continues

February 23rd:

Build 2

February 19th - Building Work has Begun! - Ground Work Preparation:

Building update 1