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Steam Select are agents for some of the worlds leading steam equipment manufacturers. Together with our Steam specialists and our principle suppliers we are able to support all levels in the Steam industry, from manufacturers to end users, consultants to contractors, we are here for you to offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

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Steam Traps

  1. TLV FL32 Thermostatic Steam Trap Quick Trap Station
    From £267.00
    SKU: QT5362 Availability: Available
  2. TLV J8X Flanged Free Float Steam Trap
    From £3,774.00
    SKU: ST5319 Availability: Available
  3. TLV SS3 Free Float Mains Line Steam Trap
    From £238.00
    SKU: ST5321 Availability: Available
  4. TLV J5SX Screwed Stainless Steel Free Float Steam Trap
    From £493.50
    SKU: ST5312 Availability: Available
  5. TLV J7.2X Flanged Free Float Steam Trap
    From £1,385.00
    SKU: ST5317 Availability: Available
  6. TLV JS7X Screwed Free Float Steam Trap
    From £716.00
    SKU: ST5315 Availability: Available